Our Philosophy

At Bowlegged Turtle Designs we approach each unique creation with the philosophy that using software should be enjoyable. User interface designs should be beautiful, unobtrusive and flow like fine silk. We believe good software draws users in and subtley helps them address the problem at hand without bombarding with confusing options.

Our refined design process focuses on developing a comprehensive understanding of the problem space by putting the developer in the user's shoes. We then create and iteratively refine our designs, focusing on ergonomics, visual cues and appropriate feedback. We also test our products in real environments with real people.

Our Approach

Creating great software doesn't happen overnight, and it doesn't happen by staying up all night stuffing developers' faces full of pizza and caffeine either. Most software companies focus on generating code as soon as possible. They run around busily trying to create software to solve a problem they don't fully comprehend. A poor understanding leads to an insufficient solution. Once this is discovered, it's often too late in the development cycle to take the time to rethink the problem. The software equivalent of duct tape is then generously applied until a comprehensive but complicated solution has been created, or worse, the product becomes so complex that they are forced to go back to the drawing board.

At Bowlegged Turtle, we focus on understanding the problem right from the start. We don't write a line of code until we're confident we've gotten into the user's head and can answer questions like:

  • Who is our user?
  • What problem does this user have that we can fix?
  • What's the simplest possible solution that will work?
  • Will the user enjoy our proposed solution?
  • Do we have all the information we need to make informed decisions?

We've developed a concept called the Solution Evolution Curve, which illustrates how software problems are usually more complicated than they first appear. Finding truly great solutions to those problems requires discipline, patience and an obsessive focus on simplicity. We feel that doing as much creative thinking as building produces better results and actually reduces development time.

Solution Evolution Curve

The Solution Evolution Curve